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St. John the Baptist:

In Articles, Education by Jason Nardi

St. John the Baptist holds a place of high honor in Masonic tradition, celebrated for his moral integrity and dedication to truth. His feast day on June 24th, marking the summer solstice, is a significant event for both operative and speculative Masons. This article explores the historical and symbolic importance of St. John the Baptist, detailing the traditions and celebrations associated with his day, and reflecting on his enduring relevance to modern Masons. Join us in honoring the light and teachings of St. John the Baptist, a guiding beacon in our Masonic journey.

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Exploring the Summer Equinox: Masonic Symbolism and Celestial Harmony

In Articles by Jason Nardi

As the days grow longer and the warmth of the sun envelops the earth, we find ourselves on the cusp of the summer equinox, a celestial event steeped in symbolism and significance across cultures and esoteric traditions. Among these, Freemasonry holds a particularly profound interpretation of this celestial phenomenon, intertwined with its teachings and rituals. The summer equinox, marking the …