Historic Ritual for the 29th Degree

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1884 Ritual found for the 28th Degree

The Badge of the Scottish Knights of Sr Andrew
The Badge of the
Scottish Knights of St Andrew

What a powerhouse of a Spring Reunion we’ve just witnessed in Juneau! Boldly stepping into new territory, the Knights of St Andrew supercharged our ceremonies by debuting the 29th Degree, marking a historic moment for the Valley of Juneau. But it wasn’t just a mere addition — it was an electrifying celebration that infused us with renewed energy. We’re not just hopeful, but certain, that this will become a celebrated tradition, especially as we look forward to the six newly-inducted Knights enriching our ranks next year.

By sheer chance, a final glance at my web browser rewarded me with a discovery: a link titled “29th Degree: Knight of St. Andrew(or Patriarch of The Crusades)“. Compelled by intrigue, I ventured into the link and uncovered a treasure trove — an exquisite 1884 reproduction of the degree, pulsating with spiritual depth. It resonated with me on a profound level, compelling me not just to save it, but to share its ancient wisdom with my brothers.

This is your unequivocal call to conversation; let’s share and dissect the insights of this revered degree.

For those drawn to the wisdom of ages past, the full text is available at PheonixMasonry.org. Immerse yourself in this monumental piece of history and let it ignite your spirit as it did mine!