Goldstein Trust
Juneau entrepreneurs Charles Goldstein and James Cooper, owners of the Goldstein Improvement Company, established the Goldstein Trust in 1945 to provide financial assistance to young men and women of the Juneau area for higher educational purposes.

It set aside a portion of the annual earnings from the Goldstein Improvement Co. into a separate account to be used as the principal for the scholarship. Interest and investment earnings above a minimum required value are distributed each year to scholarship recipients to assist in their higher educational expenses.

From its formation, the Goldstein Trust has been administered by the Scottish Rite Bodies of Juneau. It is awarded to those students, male or female, who have financial need, have graduated from a Juneau area school (including homeschool and GED programs), and who plan to attend a vocational and/or technical school.

The personal essay written by the applicant is given significant weight in the selection process.  Race, color, creed, and fraternal affiliations are not considered in the selection of scholarship recipients. Students receiving Goldstein Trust Scholarship funds are under no obligation to repay any of the assistance awarded to them by this Trust.