Scottish Rite caps 5 new members

In News by Charles Ward

Photo 1: The Juneau Valley of the Scottish Rite welcomed five new members of the fraternity at its 2018 Reunion, held April 26-28 at the Juneau Masonic Center. The event concluded with a ceremony in which the new 32° Masons received their traditional regimental caps. Pictured in the front row, left to right, are new members Kyle Moselle, Tyler Eddy, David Heydt, Ron Cook and Noel Morris. The back row features those that capped the new members. Left to right, they are Amy Moselle, Norma Creamer, Jennifer Heydt, Ron Ackerman and Keith Herve. Ackerman and Herve’s participation was particularly special, as they are a past Grand Master and current Grand Master, respectively, of Masons in Alaska.
Photo 2: Following the capping, all Scottish Rite Masons who made the trip to the Reunion — some from as far away as Colorado and Tennessee — joined together for a group picture.