🔹🕊️ Observing Maundy Thursday 🕊️🔹

In News by Jason Nardi

As we approach the solemn occasion of Maundy Thursday, let us reflect on the significance of this day within our Masonic tradition. Maundy Thursday, also known as Holy Thursday, marks the commemoration of the Last Supper of Jesus Christ with his disciples before his crucifixion.

On this day, we are reminded of the importance of brotherly love, compassion, and service to others—values that resonate deeply with the principles of Freemasonry. Just as Jesus washed the feet of his disciples as a symbol of humility and servitude, let us strive to emulate this selfless act in our daily lives, embodying the spirit of charity and goodwill toward all.

As Freemasons, let us use this occasion to reaffirm our commitment to upholding the tenets of our Craft and to strengthening the bonds of brotherhood that unite us. May we find inspiration in the teachings of Maundy Thursday to continue our journey towards enlightenment, virtue, and benevolence.

Wishing you all a meaningful Maundy Thursday filled with reflection, fellowship, and profound reverence.